Since 2005, CMAT had provided vital humanitarian assistance to people affected by disaster in countries around the world. Canadian donors like you helped us deliver care in many of these countries, including:

Private donor funding allows us to maintain our operational independence, giving us resources and flexibility to respond quickly to emergencies as soon as the need arises.

Less than 10% of what we raise (and we aim for less) goes to administrative costs such as banking fees, website hosting, and maintaining our phone line.  We have no brick and mortar offices, and warehouse storage space is generously donated. We are entirely volunteer run, and donor driven. Thank you for your commitment and generosity.

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From medical expertise to logistical know-how and administrative experience,  CMAT volunteers are professionals who take the time and their own expense to help those in need in time of crisis.

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Humanitarian Projects

Visit our Humanitarian Projects section where you will find information on past deployments, recent news, links to our social media sites and our picture archives.

CMAT's Field Clinic in Léogâne, Haïti, January - March 2010.

CMAT’s Field Clinic in Léogâne, Haïti: January 2010.


About CMAT:

Canadian Medical Assistance Teams (CMAT) is a Canadian-based grassroots disaster relief organization made up of volunteer health professionals and non-health volunteers who selflessly give their time and resources to assist and provide relief aid to the victims of natural and man-made disasters around the world.

CMAT has been one of the first teams to arrive at the scene of recent global emergencies, and has accumulated a database over one thousand skilled health care professionals from across Canada.

Please consider volunteering or donating to help us help the most vulnerable survivors of disasters.

Latest News

CMAT Vlog #3 – Clinic Set up

2020-11-24 – CMAT physician Dr. Anthony Fong shows us around the clinic set up in a village school, on the outskirts of San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

CMAT Honduras Deployment Vlog #3

CMAT and HF Emergency Medical Team begins clinical operations in Honduras

2020-11-22 – San Pedro Sula, Honduras: Today’s update is courtesy of Team Leader Brian Wilson: “CMAT – Canadian Medical Assistance Teams and Humanity First Canada setup for another day of running our EMT Type 1 Mobile clinic just outside of San Pedro Sula, Honduras, in response to Hurricanes Eta & Iota, and the resulting flooding that has killed dozens of people and displaced thousands.

“In a time of a world-wide pandemic, this has compounded the disaster in this country. Our teams of volunteers have taken vacation from their jobs, and left their families, to respond to this dire humanitarian emergency, acknowledging the risks, and even accepting that when we get home we will have to quarantine for another two weeks.

“I am humbled to work alongside such a great group of clinicians and logisticians who share a common desire to serve humanity, save lives, and make the world a little bit of a better place. This is all possible because of generous donations, we are completely donor funded and volunteer staffed.”

Patients assessed today included an elder in a remote mountainous village, who was unable to attend clinic due to mobility issues. CMAT and Humanity First Clinicians conducted a home visit to assess the patient.

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CMAT Vlog 02 – Dr. Anthony Fong: Loggies 4 the win!

2020-11-18 – La Entrada, Honduras: A video tribute to the hard work of logisticians that make foreign aid delivery possible. They arrange everything from entry into a country, to packing our thousands of pounds of luggage into units that can be checked in with airlines, to securing drivers and vehicles, to feeding the staff.

CMAT Honduras Deployment Vlog 02

CMAT/ HF Team arrives in Honduras – local roads impassable

Traffic and Pedestrians are stranded on a major highway which was washed out by Hurricane Iota.

2020-11-17 – La Entrada, Honduras (With special thanks to the HF/CMAT Team Leader Brian Wilson for this update):

“This morning we woke up to find out that all internet into our region was down. This means that we had no wifi, and no cellular data, which is important because these days a LOT of coordination is done using WhatsApp which requires data. We went back to “old school” methods, like SMS messages and calling people… (sheesh, it’s like we were back in the dark ages!)

We requested that CICOM provide us with a police escort to get us the last 2.5 hours into San Pedro Sula. Unfortunately they told us the bridges were not passable. We then sent a team to investigate the situation first-hand, and found that 15 minutes out of town, the only highway was completely flooded. We explored options of trying to find another way, by going further south, but have been told that highway is also impassable.

In the meantime, using SMS to relay messages through another NGO, we confirmed that CICOM knew where we were, and they have now requested that we setup to provide medical clinics in the immediate region until access into San Pedro Sula can be logistically sorted out. We have been contacted by a local medical officer, who stated they would be in contact tomorrow to coordinate our efforts. Below is a short video showing the flooded road as viewed by our Deputy Team Lead, Hassan Naeem. Tomorrow is a new day, and the team looks forward to getting to work while we wait for instructions on how best to reach the hardest hit regions.”

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CMAT Vlog – Dr. Anthony Fong: Getting on the Ground in Honduras

2020-11-16 – Toronto: Welcome to the first video of our Deployment Vlog series! With huge thanks to CMAT Clinical Lead and Emergency physician Dr. Anthony Fong, in this video, he describes our anticipated disaster deployment to Honduras in response to Hurricanes Eta and Iota in November 2020. (in partnership with Humanity First Canada)

CMAT and HF Emergency Medical Team arrives in Toronto.

2020-11-16 – Toronto, ON. The CMAT and Humanity First Canada Collaborative Emergency Medical Team gathered in Toronto this evening to prepare for tomorrow’s team deployment to Honduras. Good luck team!! 

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EMERGENCY ALERT: CMAT to deploy medical team to Honduras in response to twin hurricanes.

cone graphic
Map courtesy of National Hurricane Center

November 15, 2020 – San Pedro Sula, Honduras: Less than two weeks after powerful Hurricane Eta killed more than 200 people across Central America, authorities on Saturday warned that tropical storm Iota is likely to wallop coastal areas of Nicaragua and Honduras on Monday as a major hurricane.

In collaboration with our partner Humanity First Canada, and with guidance from the Pan American Health Organization, CMAT will be mobilizing its medical team to the affected region in Northern Honduras in the next 24 to 48 hours, in anticipation of the arrival of Hurricane Iota.

The Collaborative CMAT/ Humanity First medical team was assembled over the past few days, and together with medical equipment and supplies, will deploy as two EMTs Type 1 Mobile.  Team members due to depart Toronto’s Pearson International Airport in the coming days.

2020 Hurricane Eta: Facts and how to help | World Vision
A scene in Honduras, where people are left homeless after Hurricane Eta. “They are sleeping in nylon bags, which they use as a roof as well. The only clothes they have are the ones that they were wearing at the moment they had to leave,” says Rafael Zaldívar, a World Vision staff member in Honduras. (Photo ©2020 World Vision/photo by Rafael Zaldívar)

Your support of it critical in this time of need. Please help CMAT and Humanity First provide medical assistance for the Honduran people at this devastating time, when they are most at risk. Donate now, so that together, we can save lives.

Tax-deductible donations gratefully accepted at: or by email transfer or paypal to [email protected]


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June 14, 2020:  CMAT has been approached by our EMT colleagues at the Polish Centre for International Aid (PCPM) who have been providing medical assistance in collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO) for COVID-19 response in Italy and Tajikistan. 

In the coming weeks, at the WHO’s request, PCPM may be shifting their response to the Republic of Armenia, and they have asked CMAT to survey our volunteers for interest in possible collaboration and co-deployment. This deployment is not yet confirmed, but is being proposed for the end of July and August, 2020.  

There is a particular need for expertise in Anaesthesia and Critical/ Intensive Care, particularly for Physicians and Registered Nurses, as well as Respiratory Therapists.  The teams would be supporting the existing health care system in the capital city of Yerevan and possibly beyond. Details are still being worked out.  

If you are interested in potentially deploying to Armenia, please ensure your CMAT profile is up to date with all the required documentation (i.e.  upload a copy of your passport, your professional license, your vaccination record etc.)  Please also send your expression interest (including your speciality and professional experience) by email to:  [email protected]  

Please access your CMAT Profile by visiting:   

To login – use the email address at which this email was received, and you can reset your password by clicking “Forgot password”.  You can refer new volunteers to register under the same link, and then creating a new profile.  

IMPORTANT: the inbound 14-day self-quarantine restriction which has been mandated by the Canadian government may remain in place upon your return. Please take this into consideration when looking at your schedule. Outbound travel would be arranged on commercial airlines to Poland for staging, then connect to chartered military aircraft from Poland to Armenia.  

Please email [email protected] if you have any questions. Image may contain: one or more people